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Analysis of the causes and preventive measures of the black spots in the plastic machine granulation products

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Analysis of the causes and preventive measures of the black spots in the plastic machine granulation products


When there are black spots in the process of plastic granulation, there are black spots. Is there a problem with the granulation machine or the raw material, or is it because of some other factors? The first thing we have to do is to analyze the cause.


There may be a lot of black spots, fillers can have, raw materials can have, raw materials are not in the filler, but in the screw after carbonization but there are many outside the dust will have, the dispersion of carbon powder will also cause black spots, etc., so should be specific to the specific problem analysis! In the actual production of plastic products, usually in the downtime before the isolation of the feed, excluding the extruder and the head of the plastic melt, close the temperature of all areas, and then power off.


For large and medium sized extruders that can be plasticized with super high molecular weight plastics, they can be cleaned with ultra-high molecular weight plastics or their return materials plus white mineral oil. Because ultra-high molecular weight plastic hard, coupled with high temperature, cleaning objects will be softened, thus becoming easy to fall off, is conducive to carbide plastic melt. During the cleaning process,

The speed of extruder is repeatedly switched between low speed and high speed. If the motor load is still more than enough, you can repeatedly stop and restart the extruder several times during the operation in order to further improve the cleaning effect. When the carbide (black spots) in the melt is significantly reduced, the replacement of the usual plastic cleaning until clean, gradually adjust to the appropriate temperature, it can be normal production.


Carbonization of the damage to plastic products is not light, so as far as possible to avoid its damage to plastic products. Minimize the loss. method, we need to go through a way to collect and collate. Do not worry about the effect, there will be a good effect, but only a matter of time.




White pollution is increasingly serious, waste plastics everywhere, both waste resources, and seriously pollute the environment.


Recycling and reuse of waste plastics provides us with a broad investment profit space, the first step will bring us good benefits, never saturated market, so that you maximize investment benefits. Plastic recycling granular equipment, by more and more customers, the use of mechanical regeneration granulation, waste plastic recycling is a new development approach. For the market demand of environmentally-friendly plastic particle machine series by the vast number of users



More information:


I. Use


Mainly used for processing waste plastic film (industrial packaging film, agricultural film, greenhouse membrane, portable

Bags, woven bags, agricultural convenience bags, pots, barrels, beverage bottles, furniture, daily necessities, etc.,

Applicable to most of the common waste plastics, waste plastics recycling industry is the widest use, the most widely used, the most popular users of plastic recycling processing machinery.


II. Characteristics


1, all recycled plastic after classification and broken cleaning do not need to dry or drying, drying, can be produced, dry and wet dual-use.


2, from raw materials crushing, cleaning, into the expected to be made of particles are automated.


3, full use of high-pressure friction uninterrupted heating system, automatic heating production, to avoid continuous heating, save energy.


4, mechanical and electrical separation, easy to operate, more safe to use.


5. The screw barrel is made of high strength and high quality carbon structural steel, which is durable. The appearance of the machine is elegant. According to customer requirements color painting.



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