Customer code:1339 Country:Sweden Capacity:100-150 kg/hPelletizing system:water cooling pelletizing lineExtruder:TSE-50B (44) Material:pp + wood flour(20~30%) +additive

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Customer Code:483      Country:Korea Capacity:100-150 kg/h Pelletizing system:water cooling pelletizing line Extruder:TSE-50B (44) Material:pp + wood flour(20~30%) +additive

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Customer Code:957  Country:Indonesia Pelletizing system:water cooling strand line Extruder:TSE-50B (40) + Screw loader  Kairong has good market and different customer from indonesia .This is TSE-50B ship   to indonesia for pet granulating ,…

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Customer code:2131     Country:India Capacity:250 kg/h pelletizing system:water ring pelletizing Extruder:TSE-50B (48:1) + 200 mixer + screw loader Material:LLDPE+PP masterbatch,50-80% Caco3  In June ,2019 ,kairong machinery supplied an extruder to india ,…

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Customer code:1012          Country:bangladesh Capacity:400kg/h Pelletizing system:water ring pelletizing systemextruder:TSE-50  The twin screw elements and kneading blocks are designed , by precise processed,   agile combination with interchangeability ,which…

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Customer code:108      Country:Uk Capacity:250-400 kg/h Pelletizing system:water cooling strand pelletizing Extruder:TSH-52D (40) Material:Masterbatch across all the different polymers  Water cooling pelletizing line for masterbatch across all the different…

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Customer code:117              Country:Egypt Capacity:500-800 kg/h pelletizing system:water ringExtruder:TSH-75 (48) Material:PP/PE filler masterbatch (blue)  Twin screw extruder for PP/PE masterbatch processing , The control system Adopt   …

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Chinaplas has successfully concluded in Shanghai. Thanks to the support and trust of customers, our company has achieved fruitful results in this exhibition. Friends who are interested in Haisi Extrusion,…

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